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  • Stanton Cartridge

    Hi folks - I hope you are all well.

    I was wondering if anyone could help with a slightly dull needle query please? I bought some Stanton Cartridges a while ago. They have a transparent arm and Stanton written down the side of the also transparent cartridge in blue but no other numbering etc. I now want to replace the needles but have no idea what the cartridge is and none of the Stanton current range seems to be the one. Does anyone happen to know which cartridge it is that I might have? Its the 'concorde' style cartridge... Thanks for any help given....

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    Might be the iTrack blueberry. (edit: doesn't have stanton down the side though.. never mind)

    perhaps it's this ?? Stanton diablo_blue


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      Alas its none of these although does look similar to the Itrack ones - no marking on the top though except two lines and completely clear without colour...thanks for reply anyway


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        Thanks - got it - it was a diablo stylus - much appreciated input...