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Vinyl Collecting - It's a Doddle (Apparently)

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  • Vinyl Collecting - It's a Doddle (Apparently)

    Noticed this when I was on the Guardian site (reading Kate Bush reviews of course):

    A pleasingly reductionist view of summat that it's taken me 25yrs to get any sort of handle on and I'm still essentially a beginner / complete amateur.

    If only I'd read this article in the mid-80s, I could be an avaricious little twat, rather than someone who's in it for the thrill of the chase and the joy of discovering new music.

    As I've always found, if you buy summat specifically to sell on for profit, the karmic balance ensures that you get stung, whereas picking up curios for the fun of it seems to reward you. But I've always been an idealist / romanticist, rather than a pragmatist.

    Which is why I'm skint but have some good tunes to listen to while I heat up the beans on toast.
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    i saw that earlier. wierd thing to pop up


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      'Potential Collectables'

      Elvis, Rolling Stones, Beatles.

      Keep up the good work.
      record licker


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        Pro tip: buy records by dead people.

        Elite level: buy records by people who will die in the future.


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          'Venerable music magazine The Rolling Stone in 1991 compiled a chart...' Jesus, the guy writing this must have been clicking his word count every 30 seconds.
          Must grade overall visually at least as Good minus!!! (graded STRICTLY to the UK RRPG standards, not overgraded AT ALL!!!)


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            Apparently vinyl can be easily faded. I never realised the source media had any bearing on the ability to control its level through a mixing desk.


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              On the parecl2go website! - ah, I see: please collect and sell records because then you have to pay us lots of money for the shipping.