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  • huw jones welsh hip hop breaks sain

    About a year ago I saw an ep on sain by huw jones white cover with huw on the front looking rather cheerful apparently it hard a mega open drum break on one of the tunes from that ep.
    was any of the tracks on Adlais released as singles? as that also has some heavy beats (so i've heard)
    if anyone knows anything about this or if these are the tracks let me know

    1.Dwi Isio Bod Yn Sais
    2.Sut Fedrwch Chi Anghofio?

    1.Gwas Bach Y Periant Pres
    2.Na, Na

    from sain 33 no cover available

    hopefully someone can shed light on this mystery!

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    Hey lee,

    I'm pretty sure I have a 7" of Huw Jones it has a great picture of him smoking a cigar sporting a bowler hat and pin stripe suit reading the times newspaper... As for the song titles... my welsh is limited to yakky da ( Forgive me ), BUT the first song title you mention does seem familiar... I'll dig it out tonight for you. I can't actually remember what it sounds like... but i'll report tomorrow...

    I have one album done by some welsh group that i wouldn't mind a translation of some song titles and that... would u help?

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      huw jones

      yessss that's the one I would be most grateful if you could give me the name of the track catalouge no etc..
      Let me know what other welsh stuff you have recommend an lp ep
      I have a few but as you probably know this shit is unknown and hard to come by.

      As for the language I don't speak a word of it I just dig the tunes!


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        I been wondering about Welsh breaks for a while, I mean where whole load of Welsh language records made? If so I guess there’s got to be some heat out there.

        I have an interesting Welsh album : Jip/Genod Oer.
        Its on the new wave/art house kind of tip. It has a drum break at the start to ‘Pedwar Yn Bar’ needs to be pitched down but would so ace if two copies were being cut up. The song sucks though, luckly some of the other tracks are quit nice. I particualy fond of the ‘Dim ond Heddiw’

        I was also tipped to look for a welsh record with a track called ‘rain maker’ on it. That isn’t the track with the break but there is a break somewhere else on the album (that info was so vague that it was hardly work mentioning, sorry).


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          There is loads of welsh folk on ebay. Ive no idea where to start so don't bother - Someone out of the manc lots buys loads of it...tho.
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            Is the BBC 'Disc A Dawn' LP any cop? Not that I'm ever likely to be able to find a copy, let alone afford one - just interested!


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              Catalogue number for Huw Jones EP is 33, Sain. 1973.

              I relistened to this again last night, and i'm no DJ, producer, hip hop beats person but can't quite see what sets this record apart in any way. You could probably tempt me to part with it... got any trades...?

              As far as any other other recommendations, yes one an album on Sain, 1975 by Sidan (i think), called Teulu Yncl Sam ( i think, but it may be the other way round). Something to do with Uncle Sam? I can make out the words 'Beverly hills' in one song.

              My welsh is really non existant so all this is an approximation but I think there are 5 core members of the group but plenty of guests / helping hands. The music is folk/psyche/pop genre and is pretty good, all sung in welsh. I'm thinking Sain is a sort of welsh folkier version of Blue horizon, from what I've heard.

              The funkiest moments come in songs called 'Dwi ddim isio' and 'Ar Goll' both written by Hefin Elis, who seems to be a bit of a multi instrumentalist, but don't ask me which ones.
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                Originally posted by Lord Thames
                Is the BBC 'Disc A Dawn' LP any cop? Not that I'm ever likely to be able to find a copy, let alone afford one - just interested!
                By some bizarre coincidence (second this week) I found a copy of this today. Is it rare and expensive then? I just grabbed it for the superb cover art.


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                  Rare and expensive it is indeed - about fifty squids last I heard!

                  The cover is gorgeous - it's based on the actual title sequence of the TV series, a sort of Welsh language version of Top Of The Pops, which I really want to see. I think they used the KPM track 'Discothik' as the theme tune too.

                  So, what's it like Mr Blighty, and is there any chance of a CD-r?


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                    I've only listened one side but so far I'd describe it as Welsh and folky. I'll happily sort you out with a CDR of it, Lord T.


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                      I'm not sure the 'Disc a Dawn' LP is quite as vanishingly rare as has been said, as I've had two copies over the last couple of years...the price it gets listed at is basically a kind of high-premium for the Meic Stephens tracks on it, which are - like most of the rest - nice, solid but not terribly remarkable folk. If I remember rightly the LP ranges from Stephens' Dylanish/country tracks to harp/soprano type folk and small group male voice choir harmony things. My last copy fetched about £13 on ebay (in VG+ condition) so it's not cheap, but it shouldn't be £50 either. Also, unless I missed it, I don't think the theme was on the LP - or at least, nothing that sounded like a library track was there as I recall...just a selection of acts from the show.
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                        I suspected the theme tune wouldn't be on there - the Beeb would be far too tight to licence something like that!

                        I did see the DaD clips on TV Offal - if the LP's anything like those, I need it!

                        By the way, are Y Tebot Pws (The Purple Teapot) any good? There was a CD of their stuff that came out a while back.


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                          y tebot piws

                          Tebot piws were the starting blocks for dewi (I forget his surname) of Edward H davis fame which I might add are quality welsh prog/folk particularly 1st lp Hen fford gymrieg o fyw (sain)
                          Anyway back to piws as for as I know they recorded 3 eps sain 11 sain 19 and Brymingham I have 2 of them the first one is real traditional folk (not very good) apart from 1 tune Godro'r Fuwch which I really like but not to everyones ears.
                          The second ep is shit hot featuring the tune MAE RHYWUN WEDI DWYN FY NHRWYN (DDYN) which apparently has been sampled by the automator (far out i know)
                          and I had had a lot to drink but i'm sure i was told Wu tang sampled it can't see it tho!
                          so you can imagine there is a fat break to be taken.


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                            Sounds like one I'll have to track down, then - thanks, Lee!

                            The Welsh word for 'teapot' being 'tebot' amuses me for some reason.......


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                              I was speaking to a progger mate earlier and he's had a few copies of the meic stevens 'gog' lp on sain. Always sells well. So keep your eyes peeled.
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