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  • Allo all!

    I'm Cory, live in Omaha, Nebraska a bit across the pond. Have a question for you all and I hope to god you can help a brotha out!!!!!!!

    I've been listenin' a bit to some "Solid Steel" mixes (great stuff, we don' get much of that over where I live) and I've been downloading these off of a p2p file sharer (LimeWire). My question for you is I found a mix..... Started downloading it and only got about 5% done. It was a solid steel mix with "Dr. Rubberfunk" and it was NOT the 7-1-02 mix.... I accidentally deleted the file that only had 5% done on it and now I can't find it at all!!!!! AGH!

    This is all the info I had from it... I remember the title said something about "part 3" and when it started, you heard a voice come on and say "On this record you will find a remix" or "On side two of this record you will find a remix" or something like that. The beginning 5 mins or so of this track was awesome. Anyone know what I'm talking about or where I can find this? Thanks a ton!!!!

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    tracklists for all shows are here:

    see the 'hello peeps' thread for introductions,
    as the first respondee to this post, welcome to the board



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      The other show I did a mix for was 24 Feb 03 :

      Sounds like you're after one of the tracks DK played ... happy hunting, and welcome to the board!

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