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  • Roky Erickson (Just discovered)

    I am ashamed of myself to say that I just played this band;s s/t lp from 1980, for the first time today. Actually, I have never played any of Roky;s lp's either his solo or 13th Floor lp;s ever before, despite that I have had them through my hands as a dealer. Shameful really, given his legendary status.. So, it was a bit of a new beginning and quite revelatory. I REALLY like this lp, A LOT! Only 1 play and I am very much "sold". Hook line and sinker. It is really polished and GREAT melodies and I love every track. I am only upset that nobody I know pushed me harder to listen to his music, earlier.
    Anyone else have opinions about his lp's or recommend anything by him that is as good as this one?
    What about any recommends of any 13th Floor lp's?

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    To infinity - and beyond!


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      I guess I kind of should be envious that for someone somewhere thee revelation has yet to happen.
      Elevators quite possibly my favourite ever band, and certainly one I've returned to endlessly over the years.

      All three official studio LPs are totally essential:
      THE PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS OF . . . is rawer, more garage punk with high acid leanings. Things like this . . .

      Easter Everywhere is more polished and beatific, blissed-out, though also featuring perhaps their fiercest trip tracks:

      BULL OF THE WOODS was completed under insane circumstances and was pulled into being by much unsung guitarists Stacy Sutherland.
      It's the slowest burning and hardest for the casual listener, but for me the one that bears greatest fruit these days.
      Just a very deep, complex, mystical, eerie piece of work.

      There's also the live LP, a ton of bootleg stuff and unreleased at the time bits that have surfaced, but start there!
      To infinity - and beyond!


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        The book that came out a few years ago is also an incredible - and harrowing - read.
        One of thee best music books I've ever read.

        To infinity - and beyond!


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          Two related acts from Texas around the same time who were massively steeped in Elevators also did albums on International Artists and are well worth checking out too:

          The Golden Dawn

          and The Lost & Found

          and there were loads of heavily-influenced local 45s as well.
          Here's possibly my favourite:
          To infinity - and beyond!


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            You also NEED the Cold Sun LP from 1970.
            Hugely Elevators influenced and featuring future Aliens among the ranks.
            Brain-fryingly great.

            To infinity - and beyond!


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              Tons of Roky's solo stuff is amazing.

              I'm particularly partial to the early stuff he cut with Clementine Hall that appeared in the 70s on the IA comp.
              Just something chilling about its damage and fragility that cuts deep.

              Then much of the stuff with Bleib Alien / The Aliens is also killer too.
              Much of the best stuff you'll now have heard:

              I could go on . . . and on . . . and on, but have to pop out!
              Plenty to be chewing on though.
              To infinity - and beyond!


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                What Hugh said really - sooooo glad I got to see him play his first ever UK gig in 2007.

                Hard to believe the Elevators stuff never got a UK release until the 1978 Radar ones. Apparently Andrew Lauder wanted to release them when he worked for Liberty/UA in the late 60s, but International Artists wanted too much dosh to license ...I would've LOVED a copy of Easter Everywhere on blue Liberty !

                I love this Roky solo number ....this is the superior single version...

                "Cover condition:Is perfect except on back cover theres an area of dirty smudge dont know what it is and covers a bit wrinkled which im sure could be flattened out"



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                  Originally posted by jakartajive View Post
                  The book that came out a few years ago is also an incredible - and harrowing - read.
                  One of thee best music books I've ever read.

                  Thanks for the info and video links. I will watch them later. Right now I found a reissue vinyl of Bull of the Woods in my stock and I am playing S1, T1 (Livin On) as I write this post. Its quite trippy. Great stuff!!
                  It's interesting to see someone who knows and is into them so much. If Kiloh Smith is on here, probably he will laugh at me for taking 30 years to discover them but I would tell him that I am a convert now after only I Roky lp and now, 2 Elevators tracks!!! Seriously.


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                    Thanks guys for the info and heads-up on the stuff. Soooo much to investigate so I will do it slowly and closely. This is great. I am hearing Never Another right now. VERY messed up. Trumpets in the mix. Crazy. Love it!!


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                      btw... I have the Cold Sun lp. I LOVE IT!!! VERY strange and druggy, indeed.


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                        I can second Hugh's recommendation on the book also. I think the author was involved in the big Elevators reissue boxset from a few years ago. There was some discussion on Waxidermy and they were saying this is probably the best way to own the LPs on vinyl, they sound better than OG presses allegedly.
                        "As technology has advanced, vinyl records are outdated as they are music from the 19th Century so only hipsters and elderly people buy vinyl records".

                        Mixes for your delectation:


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                          Yeah, what everyone else has said. 'Psychedelic Sounds' is probably one of the greatest LP's ever made and as Jakartajive says is one of those records that keeps you coming
                          back for more. Never get tired of it. Sounds even more far out on certain psychedelics, *disclaimer* I am not advocating any kind of substance misuse at all, and remind all to be mindful of the harm illicit substances can
                          Fleas the size of rats suck on a rat the size of a cat....

                          Not As Great As His Very Best, But Pretty Much As Great As Most Anyone Else's.


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                            You'd know about it if Kiloh Smith was on here! Lets hope his disdain for Eeeeeenglish people keeps him far from this civilised forum.
                            My Elevators journey was started with You're Gonna Miss Me on Nuggets. The Radar reissues were life changing musically for me." Sounds Of.. being the more accessible initially. Easter Everywhere is just a very special record. As Hugh indicated, get the book, you'll need it to make any sense whatsoever of Tommy Halls mysterious epic Slip Inside This House,(and hats off to Paul Drummond for shedding light on it). Bull Of The Woods hits home big time once you have got your Elevators legs on. It took me some time, but it's even more poignant now that I know the back story.
                            For a band that lived it like they told it (every live gig soaring on the good stuff) I'm amazed so many are still with us at all.
                            Favourite band? You betcha.
                            Haven't picked up the live triple yet. Would be interested to hear from anyone who has.
                            You couldn't make up the story surrounding this band, but it's worth investigating. I'm slightly envious of you JB, you've just opened a box of delights. Hope they are to your liking

                            With you on the Cold Sun Hugh. Killer

                            As for the Golden Dawn, they had their own Tommy in George Kinney. Cop the lyrics on this , both bands travelling in the same direction. Both bands must have copped so much shit in mid/late 60s Texas. Thank God for them.
                            Everyone tear down your own little wall
                            That keeps you from being a part of it all
                            Because you've got to be one with the one and all
                            You've just got to be close to it all


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                              Originally posted by treeboy View Post
                              You'd know about it if Kiloh Smith was on here!
                              Bull Of The Woods hits home big time once you have got your Elevators legs on.
                              Hmm... yes, I know exactly what you mean with your Kiloh comment - and you are correct about that.
                              Your 2nd comment makes me think that I shouldn't have listened to BOTWoods lp first because I didn;t read the book and I have not heard the first 2 lp's so despite that I really do like the lp from my first spin last night, I might get the first 2 and then revisit that one later and see what happens.
                              I am keen to discover all that has been talked about here.
                              btw... I think Cold Sun is a very messed-up album. I didn;t know it has Elevators influence and I can;t see it all that much but that is due to me only ever hearing BOTWoods lp.