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  • joe cocker

    totally feeling his cover of 'feeling alright'... so what else do the mighty Vultures recommend?
    Chops for show, groove for dough.

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    That 'Woman To Woman' track that everyone's sampled. You probably know that one though.


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      his live version of The Letter is amazing...its on the Mad Dogs and Englishmen LP


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        I was just going to recommend "the Letter" too, someone beat me to it !, great track that, well worth a listen.
        Vinyl Sales are outstripping CD Sales 10000 to 1


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          Talking of live Cocker....i really recommend picking up a copy of -

          Joe Cocker - Space Captain (live in concert)

          It's basically a collection of some brill live cuts...Honky Tonk Woman...Love the One Your With.....Delta Lady...She came in through the Window....

          and the Letter....

          I think there may be quite a few Cocker live versions kicking around and maybe a few alternative versions of the Letter...I've got one version with Leon Russell and one with Neil Hubbard....but one's on a dodgy italian 70's boot vinyl...(i inherited loads of this stuff from my Mum and Dad,mainly Dylan and Dead)

          By the way i've seen the space captain album around alot and it's a charity shop special you'll be pleased to find out
          Country be dyin like poor people do
          Hospitals be closing...doors to me and you (Lopazz - Blood)

          And here's some other stuff that i get up to...


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            my mate lived next door to the house where he was brought up, where his mum and dad still lived untill they died recently. I was given his old record collection from the early 70s when he had come back to Sheffield to get away from it all for a bit. It wasn't very good unfortunately & there were loads of acetates too, but they were all shit.
            I've got his first record, from 1966/7, playing live at a local club and pressed to raise money for the university rag week! It's shit too
            Thank god for Woman to Woman, still Sheff's best contribution to hip hop, apart from Mink maybe.


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              Something's Coming On

              The b-side to the "A Little Help From My Friends" single, "Something's Coming On" has a very funky piano / bass loop - the piano and bass are in seperate channels so are easy to seperate when sampling. Worth picking up a copy as the single is quite easy to find cheap at bootsales / charity shops.