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Peter Gutteridge RIP

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  • Peter Gutteridge RIP

    Only 53...

    This man was the soundtrack to a large part of my youth. He took a rudimentary knowledge of the guitar and a bucket load of ideas and came up with some amazing records. Part of The Enemy, The Chills, The Clean, Snapper and of course....

    "Here comes the Fun Cooker!!"

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    He died September 14. It appalls me that I didn't find out until I read this this morning.
    There are a few online bits incl this one in the Guardian:
    Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)


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      oh, was a pretty big deal here, but I didn't think too many offshore would know him - all a bit tragic really, but he's been doing some hard yards for years.

      reckon this is his, and Flying Nun's for that matter, finest moment...