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  • Clive Jones RIP

    Clive Jones of Pesky Gee/Black Widow died yesterday.

    There was some confusion on his facebook page immediately before his death when a poorly worded comment led to a flood of condolence messages that were a little premature.

    This confusion echoed the confusion that often surrounded the band Black Widow. I'm sure I wasn't the only person to find their CBS album 'Sacrifice' and assume it was some long forgotten, obscure Sabbath-like artefact (this was back before all the encyclopedias and genre guides that sit on every shelf now), only to be confused by the organ, sax and flute -dominated music on the disc. I can't say I became a huge fan, and I never kept any copy of their albums that came my way (though I did like John The Postman's cover of 'Come To The Sabbath').

    When Record Collector did a 'Roots of Metal' type article sometime in the 90s, they included Black Widow purely for their use of imagery and subject matter, which must be the first time a band was included in a genre it had little or nothing to do with musically - at least during their CBS years.

    Metal fans still buy the records.

    Compare and contrast the artwork inside Sacrifice with the cover of Never For Ever:

    Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)