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  • iTunes alt?

    Can anyone recommend a music player for the mac that’s as good as organising tracks as iTunes, but plays back better? Because iTunes is total shit for sound quality, but I don’t want the hassle of playing everything back through the finder or Peak.

    Any suggestions?

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    itunes is just shit period.

    the way it sorts all your mp3s into meaningless folders is SUCH A GREAT OPTION!

    THANKS! <- Changed URL


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      Well it seems fine sorting your tracks when you're actually in iTunes, but I know what you mean outside of it, what with all the 'unknown artist' and 'unknown album' folders... So what else is worth switching over to then?


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        iTunes is a fine piece of software. It plays back through the same system core audio that every other piece of software plays back through, including quicktime. The quality is exactly the same. If you've got "sound enhancer" on in iTunes, that will mess the sound quality up royally, so make sure that's off for starters.


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          Uh-uh, no way Wooly!

          I've played the same soundfiles through iTunes and Peak, Logic even the finder - iTunes is significantly worse, tons worse! And I never use horrid sound enhancers.

          Maybe it's a mac laptop thing...?


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            That's interesting. One of the Apple tech guys told me that it all gets routed through the same code... obviously something is not quite as it seems.

            I just wondered about the sound enhancer thing because it's buried in the prefs menu somewhere and am pretty sure it's On as the default. You've obviously turned that off - it's the main culprit for a nasty sound.

            Maybe try one of the other music players - there are quite a few out there. Have a look on Versiontracker and see what catches your eye I reckon.



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              its the nuts

              Megaseg is an awsome alternative to itunes . much better control of playlists .much more proffesional all round . also Traktor . traktor is better on pcs, megaseg on macs . you might have to cough out a few quid for them though .For me megaseg is by far the best for mac. Sound quality however shouldn't be to different on any of them . always convert files at 192 kbps or above and you should be ok . downloads at 128 are always audibly mp3's .all of these programmes including itunes however will play wavs and other formats as well as mp3's .I tunes should sound ok it sounds ok on my powerbook . i sometimes use it for djing but i use an m-audio audiophile firewire to get the audio out (gives me 2stereo outs ) into a mixer .
              I didnt think logic worked with mp3's ? are you comparing an original sound file with an itunes imported (mp3) version ? If so the sound quality will be very noticable ..Check you i tunes import (encoder settings) .if you rate sound quality above drive space convert at 320kbps.
              hope this helps