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  • Flashback

    Had an email from Flashback saying they were opening a new shop on Bethnal Green Road on Saturday. I didn't make it down - I think that BestDressedChicken did - but thought I'd give a heads up to any that missed it.

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    I went along on Saturday. Was expecting it to be rammed but lovely and quiet!

    It's a great new space, bigger than their other stores. Some great stock (original Blue Notes, etc) and loads more to come out.

    Worth a trip I would say!


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      I'll definitely check it out soonest. Surprised they didn't have some kind of big opening with djs and giveaways and stuff - seems to be the way things are done these days and you'd have thought that a new record shop would need all the help it can get.


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        I went in there on Saturday - to be honest I thought the stock was a bit weak, not as good as regular Essex Rd Flashback stuff. I thought they would save up some solid records for the opening but apart from some ok looking jazz it was a bit weak. I asked if they had any rarer 45s and they said yes, "but they haven't been sorted out yet"...