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Two new record shops opening in Cambridge

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  • Two new record shops opening in Cambridge

    After years of having none at all (I'm not counting Fopp or the market stalls), Cambridge will have two record shops at the end of this month!

    The first is The Relevant Record Cafe, 260 Mill Road (the 'wrong' end of Mill Rd near Cutlacks)

    The second is Lost In Vinyl on Magdalene Street:

    Both seem to be more orientated towards new releases and less second hand, so I'll probably still spend more time on Pete's market stall. That said I wish them both every success!
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    Lost In Vinyl is my mate Rob's venture. He's been trading online for a year or so and has decided to take the plunge of signing up to a lease. Rob was a buyer for HMV and Virgin for years and really knows his stuff - plus any Who obsessives who pop in might be there a while as Rob is an uber-fan as well.

    He's thought about doing second-hand but most of the collections offered to him recently have either been total shite or the vendor wanted too much but I'm sure he'd be up for it if he can source decent stock.
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      Well its double good news for us in the vinyl desert which momentarily opened up again following the closure of Moon Unit. Hopefully the second hand side of things will take off.
      Good luck to all concerned.
      By the way H, I heard there's somewhere in Saffron Walden doing a bit of 2nd hand, down by the Mocha place from what I can make out. Haven't been there myself, but I expect anything good has been rinsed out by a certain board member from up that way
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        NO 7"s!!!!!!!!!!!

        checked out Relevant today

        all nice and fresh and pretty

        the stock is approx 50/50 new vs secondhand - all LP/12"

        also selling those cheap retro record players that everyone else stocks

        owner said had no intention of stocking 7"s, which is wank so very doubtful I'll be a regular there

        of the stock I looked at, prices are OK on the new and haphazard on the secondhand, veering on the costly side of the norm, but a fair few bargains tucked away too on items not listed in the book

        they've gone for that predictable retro boutique look and opted for annoying social area with sofas, coffee table, sideboard etc. this really bugs me. I know plenty of stores do this now but I'd rather see more shelves full of records (maybe they could have had a 7" section rather than this). I hear they plan to put on live events too so I guess a little space is needed for this

        this isn't an anti rant btw, I just don't understand why they have no interest in the 7" format

        I hope they do well and survive the first year at the very least

        I bought an LP

        they don't stock 7"s
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          What are the areas of interest of the people that run it Col? Is it slanted more toward a particular genre, or is it across the board?
          A retro lp shop then!
          Everyone tear down your own little wall
          That keeps you from being a part of it all
          Because you've got to be one with the one and all
          You've just got to be close to it all