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  • Tam White Question

    I got the Tam White 'Future Thoughts' 45 at Utrecht and I was wondering if any of you lot have the LP and if so does it give a list of the musicians?

    The reason I ask is that it REALLY sounds like the KPM chaps to me. It reminds me of the 'Music for a Young Generation' LP, so much so that I thought a backing track off there might have been hasn't.

    Any pointers appreciated.
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    I don't have the lp Lee, but I did listen to it in Flesch in Amsterdam a year or so ago. I remember reading the back of the cover, trying to find out more myself, but from what I remember, it was all really just biographical and saying what an all round good egg Tam is. Mike Batt sticks in my memory.
    I didn't buy it to my shame.
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      I'm 99% certain the drummer is Clem Cattini, who was on Music For A Young Generation - I think you may be right about some of the other KPM lot being on it as well. Maybe Mike Batt will remember?


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        I have the lp on middle earth and no it doesn't list the players on it shame apart from mike batt who arranged produced sounds like Clem to me lord t


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          Thanks chaps. Mike Batt is credited on the label of the 45 too.

          It really sound like the same guys who made Hungry Wolf / Ugly Custard!
          "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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            I have the album too - deffo got that sound Lee ... not a solid album but the few good ones are killers
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