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  • Collage Estonian Reissues

    Reissues of all 3 LP's, Collage, Kadriko and Kaokiri have been released last november, I completely missed them. Anyone picked up a copy yet? Or know how they sound?

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    Unhelpful post alert:

    The originals are not toooo difficult to get affordable are they?? I have two and love them both - so beautiful. Probs cost me £25-30 each I think...

    ...or is the sound meant to be better on these reishs, and that's why you're after them?
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      Lost my copy of Kadriko arrrrrggggghhhh.

      Yeah, I agree with Joe. OGs are not impossible to find. The main advantage of reissues, as far as I can see (not just these ones) is it may direct money and interest to the band, rather than passing your hard-earned to some dude on Discogs. Things like this lead of the music being back in circulation, and can lead to reunion gigs etc. Collage reunion 2015??
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        Must've been missed this too - I have the originals and the 2cd with bonus tracks but might still be tempted, at least with the debut as the pressing on the original isn't the best of quality..
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          The reissues are 14 quid each, pretty good price, plus they seem to be official and remastered and all that jazz. Yeah the OG are affordable, I only own kaokiri but the reissues of the self titled and Kadriko are tempting.