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BBC4 last night - Sound Of Song

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  • BBC4 last night - Sound Of Song

    Enjoyed this on BBC4 last night...right up the VG+ street. History of popular songs and recording technology.

    3 part show as well so looking forward to the next episode where rock n' roll comes in.
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    I missed the first few minutes so I don't know if I missed some particular nugget central to the understanding of the rest of it, but frankly I didn't like it much. An interesting subject for sure, but it didn't for me add anything to the oeuvre of music docs. Neil Brand's style seemed a bit smug and self-congratulatory and seemed too often to wander off topic to make 'clever' points as if to underline his qualifications as an 'expert' - sometimes these stretched to rather outrageous assertions.

    Take, for example, his exercise in demonstrating the use (by 'crooners') of megaphones vs microphones. Firstly the singer sings a ridiculously overpaced and poorly arranged version of 'The Very Thought Of You' while crooning in an exaggerated manner through a megaphone, then through a microphone in a less mannered style and at the correct tempo. This apparently proves the superiority of the microphone - hardly scientific.

    Also, Brand seemed too often to confuse the history of recorded music with the history of Hollywood, and while the latter certainly has a bearing on the evolution of the former, it sure ain't the be all and end all. Obviously, it would be difficult to cover the history of recorded music in three hours and not make some considerable omissions but where were the big band era and the chanson tradition for example? Thought they might at least have got a mention.

    Anyway, I'll watch the next one, but I'm not holding out any great hopes....
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