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    I often start threads like this I know. I guess it's something to do with the way I listen to music. If there is a sound I like I want to hear more things that sound like that. Can that sound be taken further? How so? Whereas a lot of people want to hear more by a band or know about what the guitar player did afterwards etc I'm not saying that either thing is better, I'm just musing out loud. Or in print. Anyway, I digress. I'm feeling this record at the moment, I think it's really unusual - but maybe I'm wrong, what else sounds like this? Weird slo-mo twisted funk. You can hear part of it here

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    The newer Konstruktivists LPs sound like this...

    The sample track sound like the backing track to this..?

    This one is free

    This one is a pay for
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      I hear the Mark Stewart similarity, not so much in the second band - maybe I'm listening to the wrong tracks?


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        The first one on that page 'Tolouse Low Trax / Kadiz' sounds remarkably similar to this.....

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          Have you listened to The Bridge by Leer/Rental recently Rich? Not because it sounds like the track in this thread particularly, but it did remind me of the latest Invisible City mix, which is very very great, by the way. Particularly:

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            Glad you liked mate. I have got that album and I do listen to it more than most of my albums I'd estimate. But I can't see which track is in the picture for some reason. I'm not sure why nothing from that album has made its way on to any of our mixes yet - I'm sure I've pulled it out for consideration a few times but each time the mix has been finished before I got to that and it's gone back in the shelves.