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  • Harrison vs decide.

    All rise, all rise. Harrison vs Lopez in session!
    George Harrison is hereby accused of ripping off Trini Lopez with his top selling tune 'Got my Mind Set on You' which is a flagrant re-writing of
    'If I Had a Hammer' by the aforementioned Mr.Lopez. Although Mr. Harrison is of impeccable character and has been a champion of human rights
    and a regular fundraiser for disaster relief campaigns etc & no-one can doubt his incredible contribution to popular music both with The Beatles and
    with his own solo material some of which is an undisputed delight to the ears he does have a previous conviction for song theft with the infamous
    'Harrison vs The Chiffons' lawsuit of 1976 where the judge said he "subconsciously plagiarized" The Chiffons tune on 'My Sweet Lord' and ordered to
    pay over half a million dollars in damages.
    Here, you the jury, are here to decide if copyright has been breached once again. Be sure to listen to both tunes all the way through and to allow
    for different production styles, slightly different tempos and a somewhat bombastic bass drum in the Harrison version. Only then should you decide.

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    Don't have a go at George, he didn't write it...


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      Ok good answer. Case thrown out. What a waste of tax-payers money! How about this one though?: