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  • Rep your biggest pet peeve(s)

    My top peeves:

    Used new releases from the 90s-2010s

    Hiphop records with other previous owner's tape markings and/other dj name written on them

    Lots of tape residue

    Tears that have been unsuccesfully repaired

    Psych or folk records that are played to death, have torn apart covers and still smell of smoke. Take a bath, hippie scum!

    Rant over.

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      People who wear sunglasses on the tube - we're underground!!!!!!
      Umbrellas - useful I realise but for some irrational reason I hate them - maybe not a peev so much as a phobia
      "Record collecting is no mere hobby, no innocuous leisurely diversion. It is a feverish passion bordering on dementia, driving those under the influence to irrational, compulsive, fanatical extremes."

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        when people say 'mac cheese' instead of 'macaroni cheese'
        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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          Film titles that contain your name so that people intone the film title like c***s when you meet them.

          People had finally stopped saying "What, like Shaun of the Dead?" and they go and release Shaun the fucking Sheep.


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            I thought you meant the Wolf and Cub things for a minute there.


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              Originally posted by Filthy Rich View Post
              I thought you meant the Wolf and Cub things for a minute there.
              I wish

              "What, like Shaun the Sheep, he he he?"



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                LPs sellotaped all round "to protect them".
                Labels doodled on, not names, doodles!
                Rushing, and getting home to discover it's the wrong record in the sleeve.
                Cherry picking 10 records out of 100 and then realising I should have made an offer for the lot like the next guy did and he got a bargain.


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                  Anyone who has said 'vinyls'

                  Anyone who has grown a beard within the last two years

                  Oh...and incorrectly graded records and sleeves. I mean come on, when it's listed as EX--/VG+++ I expect to get what I ordered!
                  Things ain't getting no brighter, load ain't getting no lighter.........



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                    People who say skedule.

                    It's pronounced shedule.

                    Most of you will be wong uns.
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                      Originally posted by eine View Post

                      People who say skedule.

                      It's pronounced shedule.

                      Most of you will be wong uns.
                      With you all-the-way on this one...

                      Can I add double parking when there is a space less than 50 yards away?

                      and another vote for inaccurate grading.
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                        Currently...the people who thought it was a good idea to turn this...

                        into this...

                        being virtually guaranteed powerful and highly paid positions and given carte blanche to pick up several important functions of the national government including the health care budget with absolutely no consultation whatsoever being afforded to the millions who will be affected....
                        you can hear colours when they rhyme...


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                          The prissy, smug, bossy voice emitting from the self-serve check-out machines in supermarkets saying things like 'do you wish to continue?' 'please insert your card' 'thank you for shopping at.....' . I always find myself muttering obscenities back at it.

                          The little tab that frequently just comes off from the metallic seal that you get on an unopened plastic bottle of milk after unscrewing the lid, leaving nothing to pull it off with except your teeth.

                          Plastic bags of rice that refuse and refuse to pull open as they're meant to before suddenly ripping apart the wrong way down the middle sending rice flying all over the place.

                          Foreign language records that appear to contain enticing cover versions of well known English-language songs because the titles are all translated into that language on the back cover and only identifiable by the writer's credits and maybe some degree of understanding of that language - only to put the record on and find out that it's just the boring old original versions by the original artists in English after all.

                          The letters LOL.

                          Kanye West and Tracey Emin and clothes moths and Jose Mourinho.

                          Little kids doing goal-scoring celebrations copied from what they've seen on the telly. Especially that index-finger to mouth 'shush' one. Also, nearly all professional football goal-scoring celebrations, especially the 'shush' one.

                          Bank ads on telly that think they're being matey by using (fictional) customer's christian names as if it's all one big happy family in their set-up.

                          Any cold callers including charities you've given money to in the past who then see this as a justifiable reason to presume they can constantly call up out of the blue and pester you about giving more money.

                          That trashy internet story lead-in thing that is always a variation on 'I was intrigued by this old lady and her pet chimpanzee but what happened next just blew me away!'
                          Boy George knew my father


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                            For example, this

                            Standing under a 4-500 year old oak tree with a couple of younger arborists (lets face it, I'm probably one of the oldest still around!), trying to impress on them the magnificence and sheer wonder of what we were in the presence of, one of them nonchalantly whipped out his smart phone, and proceeded to show me images of old trees on it. It seems he could only engage indirectly, as if this wasn't real enough! I don't have a smart phone, so have not been seduced by their apparent wonders, I just see people staring at their palms in silence, wandering around. Lunchtimes, people stare at their phones. Driving from one job to the next, the phones come out. FFS
                            Get me on Room 101 quick....Frank help me out here!
                            Everyone tear down your own little wall
                            That keeps you from being a part of it all
                            Because you've got to be one with the one and all
                            You've just got to be close to it all


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                              Ninja Simone had lots of things i agree with. I'd like to add people with loud annoying SMS sound alerts on their cell phone constantly receiving new messages on trains and buses...
                              "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
                              and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"