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  • What's the Gerhard piece on that one GLC?


    • Libra


      • A couple of weeks ago, I picked up this ( from a bargain bin. Finally got around to listening to it on Saturday night. Absolutely exactly the kind of thing I was wanting to listen to. Cathy Berberian's vocal gymnastics utterly compelling and very very odd.
        "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


        • Oxfam in Reading delivers on the 'Dutch avant-classical' front! I'll never see the Van Bergiijk and Van Vlijman here. The VB barrel organ track sounds promising.

          Also on the late 60's Oz classical front with the Richard Meale. "Soon it will die" apparently from the same time as "Clouds Now and Then", and also Haiku inspired.

          I won the Gaudeamus Quartet LP on Ebay for next to nothing. G4 my go-to string quartet for Dutch avant-classical SQ action.

          Many thanks to Bongolia for the other two, which were surprise companions for the Jolivet freebie he had going a while back.


          • Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	88.9 KB ID:	1047523

            Argenta, London Symphony Orchestra - España (4 Spanish themed pieces - Chabrier - España, Rimsky-Korsakov - Capriccio Espagnol, etc)

            Was in a junk shop yesterday, a few new classical LPs in, and about the second record I pulled out of the box was this pretty clean first pressing, original inner and everything. Not bad for 50p, although I need to work out if I can remove the plastic sleeve (it's glued on the inside) - any tips on doing that welcomed!

            Also a couple of white/gold HMVs - The Planets and Scheherazade, not particularly valuable but nice to find in well looked after condition. With Peer Gynt (not worth much either, takes my total to 3). Disappointingly tasteful sleeve on the Scheherazade - it's normally a chance for record companies to feature scantily clad women. I'm sure there is or was a gallery online somewhere of hundreds of Scheherazade sleeves in all their middle-east exploito splendour


            • Originally posted by Grim Lounge Cowboy View Post
              Looking again at what you wrote it seems that you will be giving it the elbow.
              Sorry, forgot to reply to this the other month - seems the Maisky Bach box is sought after, presumably in South Korea (it even apparently had a vinyl reissue there recently). Still not had a chance (or remembered) to give it a proper listen yet.

              Coincidently my Casals box was 35p (reduced from 70p in a half-price sale) at another branch of the same charity shop about 15 years ago. I shall now be disappointed not to find another recording of them for 15p sometime in 2033 (fingers crossed for the Janos Starker with the spooky floating head B&W cover: )


              • Van Bergiijk and Van Vlijman have left the building! The VV tracks made no impression. The VB tracks made a negative impression - esp the barrel organ track. Perhaps check them on Youtube if you have discovered that you don't happen to share my tastes in such matters.

                Sale of them to a local dude generated $20. That went towards an as-yet-uncompleted purchase which might feature on-site shortly.


                • Penderecki's score for the 1964 film 'Painters Of Gdansk' is brilliant.

                  It starts and ends like a very stoned Jacques Loussier, the middle comprises of nods to Romantic classical, 60s soundtracks (duh) and some hefty slabs of concrète.

                  POG was a short film showcasing the art scene in Poland, it's not difficult to imagine what sort of images would have accompanied these sounds.

                  The piece would sit quite happily in the catalogues of Trunk or Finders Keepers, though they'd have to find a coupling as it's only 20 minutes long