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Gamba Records - Funky Dance Education

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  • Gamba Records - Funky Dance Education

    I posted some sound clips on the Soulstrut forum:

    Gamba Primitive
    Gamba Rock Dance
    Gamba Rock Dance 2

    It's a British (London) record company. So I guess Vinylvulture is the better place to discuss.
    Are there any other funky releases on Gamba? The Raymond MacLean - Modern-Primitive Beginners LP is very nice, but only features one track with drums.

    There must be more like this on Gamba...

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    I'v been after the Moly Moly record for a while now, seen it on ebay a few times and I always get snipped


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      The LP is Molly Molloy - Rock Dance. The drum break isn't that good. I couldn't use it. The sound is neither funky, nor Rock-ish. I got the record for free and honestly wouldn't spend more than 10 Euros on it. The Raymond MacLean LP is very nice though. The track I posted is with drums, others would be nice for sampling. Bongos plus bass!


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        I wouldn't say the Molly Molloy LP's not funky - I suppose it's how you define funky really, but to me it has that British session funk/late 70s library type feel about it. Either way, I was very happy with mine, but then I only paid a quid for it, so I would be!