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    I just picked up an interesting Argo record, Songs And Music Of The Redcoats, which I'll talk a bit about in the finds thread. One of the things that struck me about it was the excellence of the production - fantastic presence, like the artists are right there in the room. I checked the producer credit - Kevin Daly - which is a name I'm not familiar with. A bit of googling revealed that he produced several Michael Garrick albums, Norma Winstone's "Edge Of Time", as well as some of the interesting Argo folk output like Giles Farnaby's Dream Band.

    There's a site dedicated to him, built by his son, at which has a number of articles relating to all this, discographies, etc. Thought some of you might find this interesting reading if you haven't stumbled across it already - there seem to be no other Kevin Daly references on the board.

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    Nice site.

    I had the double LP compiled by him, 'The Wonder Of The Age' it begins with. It was interesting, but too much like a radio programme on LP for me.
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      He produced a huge amount of Argo's output, but is sadly no longer with us. (He didn't, however, produce the Norma Winstone LP - that was Peter Eden.) His son Michael created the site precisely because there was so little about him on Google. Michael told me this: "I like the Michael Garrick stuff very much, and was on some of the sessions as a boy, hiding in the control room! I actually taught myself to play drums on Trevor Tomkins's drum kit during lunch breaks; how I got away with it I don't know!"
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