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Books on drone/ambient/noise music

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  • Books on drone/ambient/noise music

    Any recommendations? Very curious about this after listening to Lawrence English - Wilderness of mirrors non stop for the last weeks
    Oh, and please recommend some documentary too!

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    David Toop's Ocean of Sound? I did try re-reading this a few years ago and it seemed terribly dated - all mid-90s "chill out rooms" etc. but maybe it's come round again? He talks with Eno a lot. I enjoyed the collection of Eno's diaries, as well, though not exactly what you're asking for.
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      I really enjoyed the Ambient Century by Mark Prendergast when I read it a few years ago
      I don't remember there being much about noise music but he connects the dots between people like the VU, Coltrane, Eno and there's even space for Japan!
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        MPFlapp sent me some good links ages ago.

        Here are a couple to start with until he chimes in:

        Kingdom Of Noise - Japanese Noise Selection (1993) -

        The Taj-Mahal Travellers "On "Tour" (1972) -!/obrftokyo

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          drone books tend to go on a bit
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            havent read it but there is this

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              I picked up Under-Currents in a charity recently. Edited by Rob Young, it features the usual suspects from amongst the Wire team but certainly covers some of your areas of interest.