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  • Factory sample sticker info?

    Hi all! I'm doing a little bit of investigative work into the factory sample stickers sometimes found on records and just wanted to ask if anyone had any useful links on the subject? Seems to be a bit of a grey area to say the least! I've seen the info on the Beatles collecting site but can't seem to find any other sites that cover it. Also seems to be some differing opinions as to the various types of sticker used over the years so think a lot of cross referencing will probably be in order. Any info very much appreciated. cheers!

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    The Beatles site is comprehensive. If you need further illustration of how easy it is to add the wrong factory sample sticker to a single check out the T Rex/Marc Bolan release on 45 Cat and read this Factory Sample


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      Thanks Felonious! I have indeed seen the T.Rex one you mention plus quite a few others that look very dubious. Would be good to find some info on stickers used on non-EMI related product also, particularly RCA and Decca, but can't seem to find much. The info on the Beatles site is very helpful- the only thing that may be of slight issue is the exact time frame to when each design was introduced from what I can tell? I have a sneaking suspicion that the 'oblong' shaped sticker with all Ariel font might have been introduced earlier than believed- possibly around mid 1969 rather than '71. same goes for the straight edged 'square' ones which it says came in around 1974 but I think could have been around 1971. There is a pic of Pink Floyd's Relics album, 1st press from '71 on the 'Pink Floyd Archives' site that has one of the square ones on and I would take that as a pretty reliable source.
      It's very hard to tell really because, like you say, the're so easy to fake/swap that it makes reliable study hard. I think the Beatles site for EMI ones is a pretty good benchmark but maybe there's room for further speculation?
      Unless someone from the industry who knows exactly when and why they were used comes forward i guess we'll never know for sure.It's bizarre that no-one has, really!
      Some people who have a life would say 'so what' :-). I find it quite interesting though..I like a good mystery! ;-)