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buying industrial music off the net...

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  • buying industrial music off the net...

    anyone know some reliable and good net-store that specialize in industrial music? i'm looking for some of the standards, not super-rarities, in the genre and i'm thinking there has to be some place with decent prices...
    some examples of what i'm after:
    cabaret voltaire - three mantras
    throbbing gristle - 2nd annual report
    spk - information overload unit
    spk - auto da fe
    throbbing gristle - greatest hits (mute)
    throbbing gristle - heathen earth
    death in june - nada
    death in june - the world that summer
    coil - scatology

    also interested in test department, nurse with wound, non etc etc

    stuff like that, any vinyl release, og or reissue...
    surely there has to be somewhere to turn to....

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    my mate makes industrial music under the name 'Combat Astronomy'... he has a new album out shortly so i'll ask him and post back.
    Chops for show, groove for dough.


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      Original vinyls of a lot of those things (Coil, NWW, Death In June) will be tricky to get and costly too. They were rare in the 80's and most people who have them know this so they can get real money on ebay.

      Steve Stapleton does keep reissuing old Nurse With Wound albums but never without fuckign around and remixing them or adding material. Thus the definitive versions of Thunder Perfect Mind or Soliliquy For Lilith are a mutable concept. I got Thunder Perfect Mind from Forced Exposure on vinyl a few years ago. They would be worth investigating.

      Beta Lactum Ring Records would be worth taking a look at. In which case you shoudl investigate Aranos and Volcano The Bear.

      I imagine 23 Skidoo, TG and the Cabs may be a bit easier and cheaper to locate having sold a few more copies in their time.
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        Have you tried rough trade, they normally stock this kind of stuff. I know most of throbbing gristle's stuff has been reissued and alot of caberet voltaire too, but to my knowledge only on CD.

        20 jazz funk greats by throbbing gristle is an exellent LP nice variety of sounds to it.

        chris carter - the space between is exellent to (exellent electronics)

        I know someone whose into all this stuff an everything h's got is on CD, the only vinyls he has or had, he purchased before CD's where the standard format.


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          my mate recommended:

          Chops for show, groove for dough.


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            Originally posted by theeman
            my mate recommended:

            Those are the ones I'd suggest too though they ahve an annoying tendency to never delete anything so often orders are incomplete. And its the thing you were most excited to find that is gone.
            Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

            John Peel