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  • 20 years since 70 Minutes of Madness

    I really enjoyed this article about one of my favourite ever mixes and thought that some others might like it too
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    Originally posted by Expiry2011 View Post
    I really enjoyed this article about one of my favourite ever mixes and thought that some others might like it too
    Thanks for posting the link, good feature. That mix totally blew my head off when I first heard it, made me feel very inadequate as a DJ who basically played a bunch of 45s one after the other. Then I found out how much work went into it, and I didn't feel quite so bad. At least it inspired me to only play great 45s and try to play them in a way that made them flow...
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      Working on a mix now and I don't know whether it's daunting or inspiring...
      Actually, I do think there is something really interesting in the way that dj-ing can run the whole gamut from being a guy with two or even one turntable to a collective with huge computers and what is effectively live remixing and everything in-between and all of those things can be good and bad. I've been spending a fair bit of time thinking about "what" dj-ing is recently and this kind of interview is exactly the sort of thing I need to read.


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        The solid steel radio shows had a huge influence on me, the first time I really heard truly eclectic mixes that reflected what I wanted to hear. 70 minutes seemed like a natural continuation of those shows when it came out, great piece of work and the article has made me want to dig it out again, not listened to it in years.
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          I agree, 70 minutes of madness had a huge influence on me as it was probably the first time I really appreciate how wide you could push the selection of styles on one mix whilst still retaining a rock solid consistency (if that makes sense)

          In terms of the question Rich raised regarding what constitutes a mix, my own thoughts on this changed a lot of years ago when I basically stopped sampling in my music and stopped DJing other peoples records. Instead I decided to combine the 2 elements into something else and that became my own personal form of DJing. It's not for everyone, but when I put together a mix these days I sample a load of different elements from records and cut them up into 4 bar sections (often re-constituting them into different sections) and then combining them into something else. I could post a link to explain better, but it feels like a thread hijack to do so. Maybe it's worth opening another thread for that question? I dunno. It's late and I have to get up early. Like the littlest hobo: "Maybe tomorrow..."


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            It can be almost anything. I mean, just a load of records put in a row is ace if the selections are right. And probably a lot of us would agree on which ones are good and which ones are bad. In a way a good mix is almost easier to define than a mix strangely enough.