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HF&S March 17 - DJs Nick.C & guest: Bill Brewster

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  • HF&S March 17 - DJs Nick.C & guest: Bill Brewster

    Guest DJ: Bill Brewster (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life)

    Hot, Funky & Sweaty
    Every Thursday, Salmon & Compass, 58 Penton St, Angel N1 9PZ
    8pm – 2am. £2 (£3/band). More info: 020 7837 3891.

    Another guest DJ returns to HF&S. Bill Brewster, as many know, is the co-author of the seminal clubbing gospel, "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life". He's also a world-class DJ, spinning all kinds in all places. For HF&S though, he saves the quality soul and funk especially for us.

    It's gonna really busy too, lots of girls coming (tru dat, someone's having a b'day party)

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    Quick reminder. Anyone coming down tonight? Should be a busy one as there's some birthdays being celebrated. Lots of girls so c'mon you pervy social challenged nerds...

    Goddamn, I could sell white emulsion to Eskimos.


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      No can do, bruvva - got my own soiree tonight to attend to this evening. But you know HF&S is going to be roadblocked.

      Birthdays and Patricks Day - oh Lordee!


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        will try and make it tonight, not been for aaaages. think i popped my head in last time Bill was there, and he was playing "I Shot the Sherriff"

        can't make Jazzman (yet again). a wedding this time. what is it about 3rd Saturdays - always clashes with something...