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Freebies - Get 'em before they warp! ** Holding Page **

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  • Freebies - Get 'em before they warp! ** Holding Page **

    Will post some free stuff here ASAP.

    Just editing the pics while watching 'Unsprung'.

    Fingers crossed I'll get this thread done while 'taking a break' at work tomorrow!

    Feel free to stop by.
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    Bagsie all the Sun Ra megarares
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      Ok, usual pedantic rules apply:

      Make your dibbses known within the thread.

      You'll only be paying for your postage (and for the second class price of £2.80, you can get a fair few LPs in the mailer).

      If overseas folk want to get involved and pay exorbitant shipping costs, far be it from me to dissuade you.

      Think I'll have to insist on a 50 post minimum, I've had zero posters getting in touch for free stuff and that seems naughty to me. I relaxed this approach once, thinking that everyone has to start somewhere, but the fella got his vinyl and disappeared again. Mint.

      I'll get back to you re: Paypal when the dust settles.

      Sorry, but I was so offended by the skronking on the Sun Ra megarares that I turned them all into fruit bowls in a fit of pique.

      Some with breaks.

      'Sunshine Superman' and 'Three Days of the Condor' doubles.

      Canon fodder with more of an edge to it.

      Apologies, orchestra instead of Arkestra.

      Three double albums and one 12".

      Your common or garden canon fodder.


      A few with a vaguely Film / TV leaning.

      Canon fodder.

      Proceed with caution.

      Picked up the Moms Mabley in case there was anyone round here who collects comedy LPs........! And the 'Metronomie', well, Friday is fish and chips night round our way, and it's appropriately battered. Plenty of crackle, admittedly, but the heavier tracks are Ok. You get a sleeve and lyric sheet if nowt else. Be brave.
      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        Can I have the Don Lusher and Best Of TV Themes Boogie Style please?


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          Can I have the Attack 12" please?
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            Could I get the Nino Ferrer please sir?
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              Gospel Ayres please!
              I'm trying to find something you don't like...


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                Originally posted by Mr SJ Herd View Post
                Gospel Ayres please!
                Ben - to save on p&p you could send Steven's and mine to me if you want?
                "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                  Could I grab the tempo youth jazz and take a punt on the Yo?
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                    Nothing for me thanks Ben but thank you for doing this again.

                    Perhaps I am being a little sensitive, but the chap on the Tony Hayes Singers sleeve sets me on edge. A little too engaged, a little too 'target on' for what I imagine are some pretty damn relaxed sounds where he should more properly be letting the situation develop rather than going in for the kill.

                    Let's not start on the Stoneham LP by it. First off it's a British semi-frontal, but the whole horse thing.... let's not. And as to David H. Lee... a rather military/ex-special forces bearing to the man?
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                      Ha! OldSchoolTramp gave me a copy of that Yo LP the other day. Has a few nice little moments if you're partial to bikeyrock private press curiosities.
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                        i am! Bikeyrock private press curiosities are totally my thing.
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                          Oooh I would love the Magic Roundabout one!
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                            Proper gent for doing this again. A Geoff Love - Terror and Burt's Butch and Sundance please....
                            Things ain't getting no brighter, load ain't getting no lighter.........



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                              Could I grab the tempo youth jazz and take a punt on the Yo?
                              Originally posted by Cacapo View Post
                              i am! Bikeyrock private press curiosities are totally my thing.
                              Sorry amidar. I didnt see your post.
                              All the Wolpertingers