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    That yummy looking Harmonia box set, flagged up in the New Releases thread has got me thinking. Included in the box set is a pop up of the Forst Commune. Its pretty cool, but what would I do with it? Keep it hidden away to maintain some kind of resale value? Get it out and stick it in the middle of the dining table to impress equally nerdy dining companions? (Scrap that, might get splashed with something!) Fun as these kind of extras are, what do other people do with them. I have the fridge magnet from the Acid Jazz Fleur De Lys lp in the appropriate place...on the fridge door. Before I left home I had the Beatles White album photos on the wall. Everyone I knew had the DSOTM poster on their bedroom wall. Anyone else make use of these gimmicky items, or do you keep them out of sight.....but safe from harm? Examples welcomed by all I'm sure.
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    I had this on my wall for ages.

    The iron-on T-shirt sticker with the same lp didn´t work as well as hoped, but I still wore it.



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      I wish I had that George Clinton poster, both poster and transfer were missing from my record.
      id put that on my wall. I framed the picture disk of motor booty affair, for the guy riding dophins


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        had this on my wall for years. Now its back in the lp.
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