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Soundtrack (re)issues - what are the best ones?

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  • Soundtrack (re)issues - what are the best ones?

    There are so many of these guys such as Dagored, Death Waltz etc putting out so many old films that have never come out before (and some that have) and new films too. I get completely mixed up with all these Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, City of the Dead, Bakery of the Dead etc etc I never know which ones to buy.
    Out of all those things out there, which are the ones that people would consider essential? I'm especially interested in dance-floor stuff like John Carpenter of course but really anything that you would recommend to be honest.
    I'm listening through the Day of the Dead OST on Waxwork right now on youtube and that sounds pretty cool in bits at least.

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        I found myself buying quite a few Death Waltz releases early on but I rarely check their web site anymore after being underwhelmed by a few releases they put out.


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          I was waiting for all the Death Waltz Hammer horror soundtracks, but only one came out.
          The Fog soundtrack is essential though


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            Saw that Hammer Horror one in the reduced section in Rough Trade the other day and ummmed and ahhhed for a while but I have to say that a lot of the stuff I listened to on the Death Waltz site was a bit boring for me so I left that rather than take a punt on it.


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              Piero Piccioni - Colpo Rovente.

              Was just about to spend over the odds on an old CD when it got reissued a little while back.

              Not all good, inevitably. But it is nicely varied and some is great. Nice homage to Watermelon Man follows:

              Well it reminds me of Watermelon Man anyway!
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                Seconded on Metraletta Stein and Colpo Rovente - both very nice.

                Share your predicament as it would be nice to buy 'em all but, natty packaging and 'vintage tip on sleeves' etc aside, musically they aren't all as killer as they could be.

                Suspect you'd dig this, Rich ...

                Also liking this a fair bit, maybe a one or two tracker as far as 'playout' material goes, but still a lovely listen ...

                The Phantasm OST is also a must have I'd say, probably one of my favourite soundtracks ... recent reissue a lot cheaper than an OG ...

                Cannibal Apocalypse is a bit patchy but fun, haven't entirely listened to all of it yet, but pleased they reissued it (with the bonus of half decent cover art, for a change ...)

                This Nicolai is also very nice, if you dig lush loungey and sometimes spooktastical Italian vibes.

                ... and this Finders Keepers effort also very nice and of similar bag:

                Also picked this up this week from Mr Stapleton's infamous emporium, fuzzy Italo freakiness a-go-go (though I still haven't listened to it yet ...)

                Captain Future by Christian Bruhn is something of a disco-funk bomb, but the recent re-ish is sold out and being punted on Discogs for prohibitive prices ...

                You may also like this, something I picked up in a local sale around xmas, moody propulsive post punky synth laden gubbins ... pretty solid I think.


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                  @Alan - totally missed the Metralleta Stein OST - can't say I've even heard of the film...

                  It has been particularly good year for OST reissues...

                  Piero Umiliani "La Ragazza Fuoristrada" (Schema) - still the top OST reissue of the year - almost a daily play since bagging it... this is just plain lush ;-)

                  "It's all just one big plastic hassle..." - Psych-Out