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  • Derek and Clive reissue

    Just been reading that all three Derek and Clive records are getting the boxed set treatment
    A guy I knew at Uni used to have the first album in his Skoda which he used to play at full volume as he drove around at top speed
    We used to laugh like drains as we shouted You C**t as loud as possible
    Anyone else have a soft spot for totally disgusting and wrong comedy?
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    I taped Ad Nauseam off some delinquent in the late 70s... this was the album that used to make me and my mates weep with laughter. I used to play it in polite company and crease up at their horrified faces.
    This was back in the days before swearing was utterly commonplace of course.
    Just a couple of minutes of Endangered Species or The Horn (surely D&C's meisterwerk?) was enough to reduce me to hysterical paralysis. Pure effect.

    The first D&C was good too but Come Again I never found funny for some reason or another.

    Apart from that - The Jerky Boys used to make me hoot. Not that disgusting perhaps but certainly crude enough at points.
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      My Dickensian friends and I would regularly turn the sound down on the telly and put the Derek & Clive Live album on. It made 'Question Time' a lot funnier. We were all on drugs, of course, lots and lots of lovely drugs.
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        First time I heard Derek & Clive was during the intermission at a play I was in at Uni. Someone had switched the tapes ...

        Have the LPs, though now I think about it maybe Come Again is on cassette. It has "Coughing Contest" and "Joan Crawford", so not to be entirely dismissed IMO. The "Alfie Noakes" one would be good to play over interviews with politicians, I'd say.

        My own guilty pleasure is the Australian, Rodney Rude. No one puts down hecklers as well, or as hilariously, as he does.!/obrftokyo

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          Complete blind spot with me. I never found them remotely funny.

          There´s a nasty, cruel edge to a lot of Cook´s material that reminds me that the worst bullies were the clever ones.


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            I love Derek and clive. though haven't listened to them for years.
            strangley this set includes a best of, which has material from the other disks on it as well.


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              There's nothing much in that box set that hasn't been available since the late 1970s. I think I'll stick to my vinyl.
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                I enjoyed that article in the Guardian which sums it up rather well.
                I'm actually feeling quite warm and nostalgic about D&C now - not enough to buy the box set - or even to listen to them again (god no).... but, ah.... such sweet memories.
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                  I liked Live and Come Again, but Ad Nauseum I didn't find that funny - it made me feel very uncomfortable, especially the sketch of the schoolboy being raped.
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