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Czech Label Bleed????

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  • Czech Label Bleed????

    On the subject of record related crime scenes ... the gory phenomenon known as 'Polish label bleed' has been well documented here. This most spectacularly occurs when one attempts to clean a cheapo red Muza label disc ... After giving a Niemen LP a decent lathering recently, my bath looked like an out-take from psycho, with crimson rivulets gliding towards the plughole. Nasty.

    I have recently acquired some delectable Czech discs I would like to rinse out before, well, rinsing them out. Any idea if these are as prone to label bleed as their Polish counterparts?

    Specifically, white, red & blue Supraphon labels (late sixties), yellow Supraphon labels (mid seventies) and the black Panton ones (sixties again)? I suspect they may be a bit more robust, but haven't ever really tried cleaning any up.