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  • A taxonomy for "now what?"

    At the start of the year growing piles of records in rooms other than the main filing area (“the spare room”) told me it was time for a cull. It’s August already and all I have managed by way of a cull is to weed out about a 100 big ones and a 100 little ones shipped out to a local second hand shop (where I think I ended up about even on the whole deal). Meanwhile records keep coming in (although not so many this year, it's been a quiet year).

    Conscious that more needs to be done on this front and to convince myself I am doing something about it I have started sifting them into piles:

    Clean me. Then at least you can think about listening to me.

    Listen to me (now!). You actually handed over cash (albeit probably only 50p) for me and I’ve been sat here for two years now, put me on the deck you might be surprised.

    Cherry pick. There is a really good track on this one, or was it two? Now, which ones were they? (can then put it in one of the other piles below).

    Bin. It’s knackered (but maybe the sleeve is half decent?)

    Chazza. Seriously, nobody would pay me money for this, but it is minty.

    “Empties”. Worth taking to the local second hand shop where I should at least recover my outlay.

    Ebay... if I can be arsed. Not my cup of tea b/w it’s crazy raer. (Thinks... it really is about time I started selling on the ‘ogs).

    File. But I haven’t got any room because my file is sorely in need of some ruthless attention b/w my file needs reorganising (jazz needs its own section now, surely?)

    Yes. I know, this is all really just “Now what?” but I would be interested know if you can add any more sub-categories to this list. My records are really all run of the mill fodder (and as such I don't believe merit a VG+ Gratis category), but some of you I know have some pretty obscure stuff which probably requires a more nuanced approach.

    Perhaps we could come up with a definitive taxonomy?

    This would also be good for me because I could then rearrange my overspill into completely different piles and thus delay the cull a while longer!

    PS: At a car boot recently I got talking to a seller who described herself as a "professional de-clutterer" (a really nice lady it seemed, not in it to make a quick buck from the clutter itself, there are ethics in this game). Now that is what my record collection really needs I said to myself. With a collection I am guessing her approach would be similar to mine but in the end I would be paying for her to essentially give me the kick up the backside to actually part with these things. Hhmmm perhaps there is no fun in that!?

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    Missing (and as mentioned) Car Boot - good way to shift records that might otherwise go back to the charity shop.


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      I have

      Clean me
      Cull me
      List me
      Gift me
      Rip me
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        Originally posted by eine View Post
        I have

        Clean me
        Cull me
        List me
        Gift me
        Rip me
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          Currently I am looking at:

          Sell me - semi-split into:
          * Discogsable
          * Discogsable but the pressing wasn't there when I went to list it so I need to go and add to Discogs
          * Bayable

          File me - but you'll have to unfile something else to do that

          Unfiled records that I haven't decided what to do with yet

          Listen to me
          Listen to me again because I might be better than last time

          The precarious pile of random 7" stuff

          Potential trades (which I need to put up some year or other)

          The pile you stack on top of another pile
          Stuff that fell off

          Stuff for the charity shop (multiple tripsworth)

          VG- and below that might miraculously transform into a higer grade if I let it ferment long enough

          Secondary versions of classical stuff I already have, duplicates, and stereos of monos or vice versa

          Bird sound records


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            A snapshot of life at Chicken Towers, starting with a quick tour round the 'living room'....

            ...taking up floorspace....

            45s for playing out

            Albums/12s for playing out

            More 45s for playing out

            More albums/12s for playing out

            Albums/12s that are ordered ready for refiling/same that aren't ordered ready for refiling/same to be listened to and posted on VG+ finds thread

            More Albums/12s to be listened to and posted on VG+ finds thread....

            on shelves....

            45s for listening to and posting on VG+ finds thread

            45s that have been posted on VG+ finds thread and need sorting/refiling

            Albums/12s that have been posted on VG+ finds thread and needs to join stuff that isn't ordered ready for refiling

            Small pile of 17 CDs that have accumulated since I boxed up and stashed all of my CDs last year 'in order to concentrate on vinyl'

            45s sorted for sale or charity shop or otherwise moving on /45s that need sorting or refiling

            More 45s sorted for sale or charity shop or otherwise moving on

            on the 'sideboard'....

            The Beach Boys 'Smile' Box Set (still unopened...)

            More Albums/12s/box sets (mostly classical) to be sorted for filing

            Growing pile of 'still sealed' albums/10" albums/one 45 awaiting instigation of new thread on VG+

            Albums/12s that have been earmarked for moving 'the cupboard at the end of the hall by the front door'......

            another small pile of 4 CDs

            ...(and that's bearing in mind that all the above share the room with my entire 'filed' vinyl collection).....

            in the bedroom

            Approx 50 CDs that have accumulated since I boxed concentrate on vinyl'

            in the hall....

            A single CD - 'The Shadows In The Sixties'

            and then there's...

            'the cupboard at the end of the hall by the front door' - don't go there my friend, don't go there!!!!.......

            *EDIT* - Stung by guilt, I've now filed those albums that were ready for it (working backwards) all Various/Soundtracks and from Z - Weekend......
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              Just culled around 250 albums to local animal charity. Feels good
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                Originally posted by Sonovox View Post

                Bird sound records
                Ha ha! Yes I never know how to file these - they can safely sit with "Sounds of the Countryside" but to create a general sound effects section and then file these along side steam train albums just doesn't seem right somehow.

                Sonovox & Giantchicken - your systems are just what I want to hear, they convince me that by compariosn I don't actually have a problem I have no need to fret!


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                  Sorry Candiman - I haven't really contributed much on the 'taxonomy' front there, have I? - and if it's a 'system', it's not working very well. Problem is I've been accumulating music since the early 70's and I've never sold on eBay or Discogs or ever done a record fair or a car boot. The only 'out' part of the system has been taking a few boxes along to local vinyl events in recent years (with fairly minimal results) and more recently squirrelling a few to local charity shops - which will be an ongoing project. I've never even really traded much, but I've just had my first 'Record Gratis' experience and it was a rewarding one, so maybe that's a way to go, too.

                  Another thought looming large is that given the march of time, there's not going to be as much DJing in the future - it's down to once a month or less at present and for a few years now I've been saying that every gig could be the last - so at least I can start to think about letting go of stuff that's really DJ party type chud (usually relatively worthless and easily available anyway) which might free up some more space....(goodbye at last 'The Snake'...)

                  I don't think the situation's out of control yet, but I'm aware that I'm in need of a new kitchen and bathroom/general revamp of flat and to facilitate this, need to start emptying out the 'spare room' which has filled with all the other junk that isn't records (although it does hold all those boxed up CDs.) This will also include tackling that unspeakable 'cupboard at the end of the hall'.... Hopefully at the end, I'll have a sort of 'library room' and who knows, one day I might even surprise you all by appearing on the 'show us your collection' thread...

                  Well at least this thread has made me take stock of the situation and think about why I had all these different piles of records anyway and as stated I've begun work on the stuff I can do something about immediately - the backwards refiling of the first batch has now reached Stereolab....and I've got together the CDs just to see if there are any I haven't ripped yet, then they can be boxed up too...until I decide what to do with them all!

                  So don't get complacent Candiman - heed our cautionary tales....

                  Sie, glad to hear you're feeling liberated at that sizeable cull, congrats. ('local animal charity'? - is that how bad things have become at Blackpool FC?) It also makes me think that putting a target number on it isn't a bad idea either - I hope you've kept one for 'Record Gratis' though, 'cos it's your turn mate!
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                    Record Gratis .... how rude of me . I'll get on it !!
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                      Haha...Mitch Ryder should be with you tomorrow if he hasn't arrived already!

                      Well I was up late last night and up early this morning and have been attacking the vinyl pileup blight in my flat with gusto. All albums and 12s are now filed on the shelves where they should be - even the ones that were in my DJ boxes. My shelves are heaving but my floorspace is totally clear of albums and it feels good! Now I'll be able to have fun rifling through my full collection - I have a DJ gig in about three weeks so it'll be nice to start from scratch and fill up the box again.

                      I noticed even as I was filing stuff away that there's plenty in the racks that aren't essential and I was even doing a bit of pruning as I went - all vinyl activity is now taking place on the sideboard as designed and I have about 30 or 40 albums earmarked for the outroute (with plenty more to come) which is bringing me towards the same territory as you Candiman - now what?

                      Of course I've yet to tackle the 45s, and even more daunting that 'cupboard at at the end of the hall', but I'm getting in the groove now and pleased with the progress I've made since yesterday, so thanks for the encouragement fellas! - right, now I think I'll have a leisurely browse through the shelves and see what I fancy before bedtime!
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                        "Now what"... what happened next.

                        Purchased a 6x2 Bonde unit from a charity shop furniture store, whacked everything up into it bar some neatly boxed bayable / bootable items. Hoarder tunnelling averted, job done.