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  • Freebies...........................(placeholder for now)

    Hoping to list some up tonight. Supposedly multi-tasking while baking. Visions of cack-handed listings and burned sponges.

    Pics have been taken and just need to be edited and uploaded to Photobucket, so I'm part-way there.

    Will revive this thread later on, so feel free check back if you want to take some odds and sods off my hands. Apologies to anyone who hasn't got time tonight, there's no universally 'fair' way of doing this, certainly haven't found one yet!
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    Are you practising for the great British bake off Ben...

    As always your generosity knows no bounds.

    Please pictures of the cakes...
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      Bake-off? Yeah, right. I've never actually made bread you know. Cakes and cookies (plus crumbles, flapjack and a mean Bakewell tart) all the way.

      Ok, usual rules. These are free records. Vinyl that will only cost you your postage (as long as I've got spare mailers, which I should have). Only a few have condition issues and I'll flag that up where I can, did I mention that they're free though?

      No lurkers. Minimum post count of 50 I reckon - it's all about contributing to the board, if you're gonna step forward to take from it.

      Make your choices known within the thread, so that folk can track what's gone. Let the dust settle a couple of days, then I'll shout you for some postage fees.

      Have I forgotten owt? I'm sure someone else will pipe up if I've flouted convention.

      So, here we go, clear me some space!

      Drum breaks and stuff. The Budka Suflera (funky rock) LP does have a slight warp, but plays fine on my P3.

      Canon fodder.....

      ........and some more.......

      .......and some more fodder......

      Quite random. The Grover has a few issues (bit crackly) but 'Hydra' plays nice. The Change 12" is 'Searching'.

      Randomness. The Twist LP sleeve is knackered (splits top and bottom).

      Exotic! Obviously, the Melody Nelson is a pretty recent repress.

      Femme vox. Thanks to James who gifted me a Kubisova, but I did already have a copy, so let's spread the love.

      Happy Hammonds. Not like Richard 'The Hamster' Hammond. Who's not even a real hamster.

      Yet more canon fodder.

      Vaguely Latin? Ish.
      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        Evening! Can I grab the Budka Suflera and the UK Electro? Think we were discussing that in the finds thread? I love it, you weren't impressed! I've got it as part of the box set, be nice to have the LP on it's own, like.



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          Melody Johnson and Przeboje please. Very generous of you sir
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            Could I have the Do Haaste and the Tunisie record please.


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              Hi Ben can I go for the Rhoda Scott and Marta Kubisova please (swapped out Paul Dubois for Marta as I thought asking for 3 was pushing it a bit)


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                Could I grab the 'latin ole' and 'Grover Washington' please mate?
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                  Oooh, I'd quite like the Children's TV Themes please Ben. I'm tempted to ask for the Kiddie Au Go-Go, but feel a bit wary of posting that on a public forum!
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                    Thanks once more for doing this Ben. Panorama des succes if you may and Paul Dubois, Hammond a La Latin. AND if no one else wants it, the Klaus Wunderlich cos I've never seen that one. Thank you!
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                      That PREZJOBE NON STOP record has a few great tracks on (one featured on my 2012 Xmas swap)

                      Very generous freebies Ben!
                      Muchos mixes <<<<

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                        Can i please have the serge gainsbourg and the don fardon if available. Thank you


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                          Would love the PREZJOBE NON STOP if that's OK.

                          First time I've dropped by in ages and Ben remains the most generous individual I've ever met. (Well, not met but. y'know...)
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                            Could I have the Dallas Boys, Ian Lockyer and the Ray Miranda Orchestra please? Many many thanks!


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                              Przeboje nonstop if its still up for grabs plaese
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