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  • Knagglig

    New IKEA crates. Might be good for vinyl

    Untreated solid Pine.
    23x31x15 £5
    46x31x25 £9

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    1) I'm just moving house so thanks! I'll need some shelves.

    2) Fukpig yr Knagglig!
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      now with Link


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        Knagglig means Knobbly in Swedish :-)

        The larger one is 12 ¼ " deep, but I don't like those corner pillars. You would need to put a stop board to avoid bending I guess.
        The smaller box is 9" so could be good for 45s. Don't know if they fit between the pillars, they look pretty big. Shame it's only 6" high, a bit higher and you could stack them.
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          sideways stacking?
          im going to go buy one and see if records fit


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            Or you can take a record into Ikea


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              they didn't have them in my store so I ordered one, the larger one is too small for vinyl, unless you put it in sideways, and then its too large.

              ok as a fancy looking inbox next to the deck, but not the fancy storage solution I thought it was going to be. it only needed to be about 2 cm wider and it would have been perfect.

              im guessing the smaller ones are probably to small for 7"s as well