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    Excellent doc with Tom Ravenscroft on private press/DIY records of the 70's/80's. Obvious connection with his Dad, and all very interesting.

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    Very good. Had to laugh when I read the overview....."This is what TOM calls real people music". He does does he? Sounds familiar. Thanks for the link, I would have missed that otherwise.
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      Ah, he's alright, is Tom, I'm sure he didnt write that. I nearly missed it as well, just caught the end of it yesterday. An odd doc for R4 to pop out on a saturday afternoon.


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        Enjoyed this. Good to hear from Dave Richardson of SRT. Disappointed that there wasn't any mention of cabaret/C&W making up the vast majority of 70s/80s private pressing phenomenon. The interviewee discussing acetates obviously had no idea regarding their composite ingredients.
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