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Utrecht 2015 / set-up day

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  • Utrecht 2015 / set-up day

    OK, this will be my first time @ Utrecht. I thought it´d work like other record fairs I´ve attended and I´d be able to purchase an early bird ticket for the first (unofficial) day. But it looks like only those with seller passes are allowed in on the set-up day(??) is this right? any chance to sneak into the fair on the Friday? I guess some sellers will have spare passes and are maybe willing to sell them... if this is the case, how much can I likely expect to be asked for?

    I´d appreciate any advice, Cheers!!!

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    FRiday's the best day! Get in touch (although not all of the stalls open up very early,) and ask for the early bird 3 day pass. Think they mail them out in October. No need to sneek in.
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      I think you can only get the Friday ticket if you pay for the full 3 days.
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