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  • Bo Hansson documentary

    Enjoying this new documentary on tv now:

    Most of you won't understand Swedish - but there's a few bits of ols interviews in English and old footage of Hansson&Karlsson and his studio in a cabin in the forest.

    Interesting fact: one of his main influences was the music played in Chinese restaurants.
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    Looks interesting if only for the retro visuals of his studio. Funny I was in our local Chinese restaurant the other day and they were playing oriental(ised) versions of western pop such as 'Celine Dion - My Heart will Go On'. They used to do a similar thing in an Indian Restaurant I went in and a mate once got talking to the head waiter or owner about music and asked why they played this horrible tape of Indian interpretations of pop music and he said 'Customers complain if we play real Indian Music' says a lot about today's society I guess or the people who live near me
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      Thanks for the link. Interesting watch.