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  • Skyscrapers

    I forgot that Skyscrapers was by Eumir Deodato for ten years. I never owned the lp but had it on a CD of mp3s I´d burnt years ago, but by the time I got Shazam I'd lost the CD. I tried singing it into Shazam (dum diddly dum da da da da) but Shazam just laughed in my face. When i was with anyone who might know what it was I forgot to ask them. It was driving me nuts because I knew I knew it, but I didn´t know it. At one point I was even considering posting a clip of me going dum diddly dum da da da da on here, which would have been embarrassing.

    Then last week I heard my wife playing it on Youtube. Turns out she had the album and Prelude when she was 17! She´s owned more Deodato records than me!

    So it´s been Skyscrapers 4 daze around here. Are there any other good versions?

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    I read about a very charming a cappella version called "dum diddly dum da da.." but I dont know if it was ever published on vinyl.
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      The version recorded in Brazil.....