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Help needed royal mail scam!!!

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  • Help needed royal mail scam!!!

    A bit of help needed here. Sent a wod of dollars over to Canada via airmail. On arrival $135 was mssing from the envelope. How can i claim for compensation. i did not use any of the insured delivery schemes. Damn it.

    Any one got any schemes for claiming back money. i don't mind playing dirty on the postal service now that i know what a bunch of scallywags they are!

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    Sorry to hear that,

    I suppose first you'll have to check the post office policy for compensation, I'm not sure if theyll compensate for cash sent in the post.

    Purely from a practical point of view you're also going to have trouble proving your loss to them & showing that it was caused by them.

    Hope you manage to get something back,


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      sorry to hear that. been there too. sending cash is illegal... wether insured or not. i'm affraid there's not much to do bout it. are you sure it's the postal systems fault and not the money receiver? on the topic of insurance... to me it's a load of crap... everytime i filed a complaint when an insured parcel went missing i got a reply that said the parcel was delivered and it was out of their hands. like a standard letter... got that 4 times.


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        Dear Harry,

        I am sorry to report you are s-o-l.
        sh*t out of luck. I bet the guy got it all and
        only says that $135 was missing.

        WHY would someone only take part of a wad of cash ?
        I'm sorry that happened to you

        Good luck