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  • more like this please

    Bobby Bland, aint no love in the heart of the city
    any recommendations like this please, sad, slow bluesy soul

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    Would latimore be the kind of thing?

    Or O V Wright

    "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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      LOVE this kind of sound.
      There's tons, but here's one for starters.

      To infinity - and beyond!


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        This is supreme:

        ...if in doubt consult your dealer.


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            record licker


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              2 of my absolute favourites.

              Edit: and 2 more


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                  ... and of course so many more by Bobby Blue Bland, Little Milton, OV, Syl.


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                    oh god, you've got me started now. I was about to go to bed.


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                      I really like this one.
                      [2:03] "You don't want a man, you want a robot!"
                      Random 45 find at a church sale deep in the heart of Sweden.
                      "This is Modpowerpopsouljunkierock´n´roll so stop post shit like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Grace Jones , Led Zeppelin and some other boring blues stuff, that kind of music don´t belong in this group, if I´ll ever see shit like that posted in this group again that person will be banned from this group forever!!!!"


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                        I love the Syl Johnson album, one of my all time favourites. and I I have a couple of O.V Wright. though not the one above. all that HI / Willie Mitchell sound is sooo good.

                        ive always likes the Aint no love track, I just checked the rest of the album out on Apple music. and its a winner, every track is really really good. now to find it.

                        ill check the rest out when I get home (no youtube at work) but keep them coming, I feel im going to be exploring this style for a while


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                          ^^^ All you need to know. A comprehensive and authoritative website with thousands of sound files.

                          Sir Shamblings Deep Soul Heaven.

                          record licker


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                            Jeff Dale:

                            Della Humphrey:

                            James Carr:

                            and it wouldn't be a downtempo soul list from me without some Lee Moses:

                            here's the whole album for review purposes only... and I've sent you a PM


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                              compare and contrast with the elkie brooks version! how he manages to wring so much emotion out of this... extraordinary. i stuck this on a vgplus xmas swap a few years ago.
                              Chops for show, groove for dough.