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  • ASMR

    As someone who had never heard of this phenomenon (although I have vague recollections of experiencing it at the opticians) I found this video fascinating:

    Then, literally hours later, as part of my "best albums" catchup, I listen to the Holly Herndon album and discover that one of its tracks is built entirely around ASMR sounds (Lonely at the Top) and is the total opposite of the uneasy digital noise that makes up the rest of the album.
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    Originally posted by BlackRegent View Post
    I have vague recollections of experiencing it at the opticians
    I used to get something similar at dental check ups - a male Scottish accent intoning "Upper left A, B, C, D." Even the memory of it is pleasant. I also love my current barber - soft spoken guy whose Spanish has a strong Argentinian accent and who does most of the work with a cut-throat, the sound of which is much more satisfying than scissors or clippers.

    My optician in my teenage years was very attractive so I just tended to get a stalk on and had severe problems concealing the tent I was pitching in my school trousers afterwards.


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      Thank GOD! At last the experience I've told people about has a name!

      I've lost count of how many people have looked at me like I'm a weirdo when I've told them how much I enjoy visiting the optician Any gender, any race, any age, any orientation...I don't care as long as they conduct the test in a darkened room in that whispered, calming way they always do. (See the girl in the the Guardian video...exactly that!)

      I have on many occasions told people that if I won the lottery I'd have a small rectangular opticians room built and have my eyes tested every day.

      Can't see it working for me on YouTube though.

      I'm hardcore Optician ASMR.
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        my girlfriend listens to these to go to sleep. she tells me to do the same.
        I just want them to speak up


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          Originally posted by Ian Townsend View Post

          I'm hardcore Optician ASMR.

          Maybe a set of these could help you identify like-minded test-chart loving individuals?
          I´ve always wanted a pair. Not only would I be the coolest person in the room, but I could also add tinted lenses at a whim.