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R.I.P. Dale 'Buffin' Griffin

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  • R.I.P. Dale 'Buffin' Griffin

    Mott The Hoople drummer, BBC producer:
    Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)

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    Apparently he produced Department S "Is Vic There?", too (along with another Mott member). I love that song.

    Ach, sad times.


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      Very sad to hear this news - Mott The Hoople were the first 'grownup' band I loved and Dale Griffin was not only an ever present, but in my opinion, the very heartbeat of the band. He'd started with Pete 'Overend' Watts, Mick Ralphs and Stan Tippins in the Doc Thomas Group doing the hard slog around Europe in the 60s and was around right through the post Hoople enterprises, Mott (two very underrated albums there) and the British Lions. He was a great drummer (highly rated for his 'split hands' technique) and unlike most drummers of the period, took a great interest in the band's sound - it was he who produced 'Mott Live' which captured the band at their height in London and New York.

      This gave him some security in the post-Mott days when he produced John Peel and Kid Jensen sessions at Maida Vale for Radio One (you can hear some of his work on The Smiths' 'Hatful Of Hollow' amongst many others...) and some of my own friends who were lucky enough to record with him remarked on his professionalism and encouragement.

      Dale assumed the role of Mott The Hoople's historian and archivist, personally overseeing the release of firstly 'Two Miles From Heaven' a collection of rarities and unreleased material from the band's years on Island, and later labouring painstakingly on material for the Mott The Hoople Anthology. Without his efforts fans of Mott The Hoople would have a considerably smaller choice of listening material and for this alone, they will always be grateful to Dale.

      It was said that Dale's dream was to perform again with Mott The Hoople, having long held the feeling that there was unfinished business to pursue, and he was a prime mover in negotiating the peace that eventually saw his dream come true with a series of triumphant reunion gigs at the Hammersmith Apollo in 2009. Cruelly, even as these events were unfolding, Dale found himself suffering the unwanted attentions of the force he would, with typical good humour, refer to on his website as 'the evil Dr Alzheimer'. Regular visitors to his online residence will have felt the love exchanged between Dale and his many fans as his fight went on.

      So it's with much sadness we bid goodbye to Dale 'Buffin' Griffin, but this is tempered with the knowledge that his pain is finally at an end. I'm sure that the ever residing memory of all his fans who witnessed it at Hammersmith will be the sight of good old Buff being led to his drums and with his every last ounce of energy pounding through the encores like a good 'un, wearing the thousand mile wide grin of a man quite literally 'living the dream' - I'm sure that me and all the others have never cheered as loudly in all our days....thanks fella...

      you can hear colours when they rhyme...