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Another ebay and Paypal moan

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  • Another ebay and Paypal moan

    When I pay for items on eBay towards the end of the financial year I usually use my debit card as paypal have us on a yearly sending limit. They wont remove it because my wife had an account linked to the same bank account many years ago and closed it but because its existed on their system before no matter how hard we try, ringing and all the rest of it its never got sorted and believe me we have tried. On occasion I pay with debit card on some things to keep the yearly limit down.

    Anyway just won some records requested an invoice and went for the option 'credit card' without thinking and its now saying you must contact the seller to make payment. I've not come across this before and now I cant pay for my goods so hopefully the seller can resend an invoice and I'll pay via Paypal.

    I don't know maybe it was me being stupid it was from an auction win and I usually don't win auctions well I haven't for a while.

    Anyway I wish they would stop messing about with the payment system does my head right in it does. They always call these things 'Improvements' and they seldom are.
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