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Ahmed Fakroun Repress???????????

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  • Ahmed Fakroun Repress???????????

    Good Morning

    Is this Ahmed Fakroun Repress a Legitimate one?

    People seem to be saying this Label is Not obtaining rights, I don't know, hence I am asking here.

    Any info appreciated


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    It is a bootleg, don't buy it.

    Here's what someone on the Invisible City facebook group posted about the label:

    'll just c/p my post from Offen music. Even though some people here know who is behind Atlantide Records I'm going to name and shame him. His name is Miro Golic aka yuforyou on discogs. One of the PMG releases even has an Altantide cat number ATLANTIDE 14LP. It's pretty clear he is one of the guys behind this bootleg operation. We're talking 10 releases just in April. It's a big operation for a school janitor grin emoticon If ex yu releases Zdenka Vučković and Rex ILUSIVII are bootlegs you can be pretty sure all the others are too. Atlantide records was well known for crappy quality vinyl rips. I would also stay away from yuforyu on discogs. His ratings are not that bad but he's a shady character. btw. Atlantide Records, PMG and Miro Golić are all from Salzburg, Austria.
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      The sound quality is excellent on both the ahmed fakroun records that PMG have repressed. If its a bootleg as you claim , they still did an excellent audio reproduction.