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Insanely dull YouTube upload question - Open at own risk

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  • Insanely dull YouTube upload question - Open at own risk

    I have uploaded vids on to Youtube plenty of times but for some strange reason i struggle to be able to put a single photo up with a soundtrack of my choice (not YT collection). It must be the most simplest of things to do but somehow it escapes me. I have tried iMovie and it seems I have to use plenty of the same image that keeps moving up and down etc. Sorry for being a caveman - any help much appreciated.

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    If you highlight the picture that you are using in imovie, a 'crop' symbol will appear. Click on it. Now on the right hand -edit- window press fit. That will stop it zooming around.
    To lengthen the time used for the pic, you will see something like 4s if you hover over the pic you want to use. Click on that and enter the amount of seconds you wish to use.
    Alternatively, you can right click on the pic and select project properties to get to the same option.


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      Many thanks GD