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New Vinyl Pressing Plant in Spain

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  • New Vinyl Pressing Plant in Spain

    They bought their equipment from the states, from a 1950's plant, but when the ship arrived they discovered that there wasn't any manuals with it and that nobody seemed to know how to manufacture vinyl anymore (probably people from other printing plants kept secretive about it). Luckily one of the guys from the cooperative found a manual from the Czech Republic showing how to operate a printing machine, what temperatures to use, pressure, etc.
    ¡A tope con la vida!

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    Always fascinated by the pressing plant gig.
    Thanks for posting G
    Elephant and dwarf they call them, Pepe Kalle and his little
    stage dancing friend Emoro.


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      I always enjoy seeing the blobs of raw vinyl in pressing plant footage.

      What's the best way to melt my own vinyl to play around with? I'm thinking I'd break it up and melt it in a bain-marie, then muck around with it. The possibilities are endless.

      It would be more fun than a clock or a fruitbowl, anyway. Has anyone melted vinyl?


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        not melted, but I nearly burnt a studio down due to how flammable the cut out vinyl from dubplates is.
        I was holding some and flick ash from a cigarette onto it and it went up immediately.

        we used to share a studio with a tiny reggae studio with dubplate making facilities. thinking back I really should have taken advantage of it.


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          Footage from the GZ factory - I'm sure a few of us on here have had records pressed up there...


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            shame to see the old Supraphon presses making "What's the Story, Morning Glory"