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  • Record Collector mags to giveaway

    [Mods, I think this OK as I've done it before, but please move or remove if not.]

    Every few years, I have a clearout of my Record Collector magazines - and the time has come round again! I'm currently sitting on most issues back until about 2012.

    If someone wants them all, they're free if we can arrange to meet somewhere near me (Cambridge/Ely).

    I've also in the past posted out selected issues for P&P cost only for people who were looking for them. I can do that again if no-one wants to take the lot - just reply here or message me.

    They'll go to recycling in about a week so just let me know before then!

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    First and final bump on these. (A couple of PMs received so far, thank you, I'll sort those out after tomorrow.)

    Possibly interesting discussion to have - the previous times I've done this, I've had much more interest and all were snapped up quickly! I'm wondering if this reflects RC's changing tastes; maybe it no longer appeals to VG+ers at all? I know myself I still buy it but often barely read it, which is daft!


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      Not a request for copies, but I had a big clear out of RCs a couple of years ago and asked my local charity shop if they wanted them. They took them telling me that they got money for recycling them. I didn't see any of them for sale so presumably they took the recycling cash. Not sure if that's the case still, or everywhere.