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Kosmicher Laufer 'hoax'

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  • Kosmicher Laufer 'hoax'

    Sorry if this has been discussed already...

    On the face of it a wonderful discovery of vintage German electronic reel tapes (which has a mad back story and sold out a few vinyl pressings quickly)...

    However it seems that it is all a cover story for two Scottish lads making retro style German electronic recordings rather than actual unearthed tapes.

    This really pissed off my mate who bought it then smelled a rat... and others have voiced equal amounts of annoyance and appreciation.

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    I think the consensus was it's alright because the music is not bad like everything that secret stash label did a few years earlier.
    Personally I was a bit disappointed by the provided back story. It felt a bit lazy.
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        what about that Italian library tapes carboot find reissue on the other thread, is that authentic?


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          Kosmicher Laufer project is a winner - more a homage than a hoax I'd say... glad they just re-issued the 2nd release...

          Up there with Karen Novotny X for conception ;-)
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            Did you know there's actually no such word as 'gullible'?
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              PDQ Bach is probably one of the earliest examples but there must be more?

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                actually there are a number of classical examples, e.g. Albinoni's Adagio - poor chap, he didn't write his most famous piece!


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                  I like a good made up backstory but somehow this kind of thing also really annoys me if there's an element of passing off. Or indeed laziness. If you want to make up a really detailed and amusing story fine but if its just faux-vintage annoys me. Seems to lack the confidence to say, these are our influences and we have made music in this style.
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                    Not heard the music but it would seem to me if they had said it was fictional from the start and then created the story (inviting you into a fictional world as it were) no one would have a problem with it rather it seems they've tried to pass it off as real from the start or am I getting it wrong?

                    Personally I love good old concept like albums such as these but I'd be a bit cheesed off at buying them thinking they were from their vintage then discovering it was untrue despite the strength of the music.

                    I'm thinking of Ghost Box records again and their creation of fictional towns and schools etc. You know its a concept and its a good one but its made clear from the start.

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                      I always assumed that it was modern music made to sound 30 years older. Though i had never heard of its back story.


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                        Originally posted by MPFlapp View Post
                        Kosmicher Laufer project is a winner - more a homage than a hoax I'd say... glad they just re-issued the 2nd release...

                        Up there with Karen Novotny X for conception ;-)
                        You knows it mate
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                          In a way I find a good back story often sucks me in without even hearing the music.

                          Nobody would buy Wild Man Fischer or Jandek given a 1min audio snippet would they?

                          I just gathered at no stage was this Kosmiche one ever out and out called a homage or a tribute - it was marketed as lost tapes etc?


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                            For the record I quite liked the music haha


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                              Originally posted by enrico chiesa View Post
                              Nobody would buy Wild Man Fischer given a 1min audio snippet would they?