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    Becoming a big fan of Iggy's shows on 6Music, and he's on top form tonight - music and commentary.

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    I've just been listening in the car. What an opening gambit Love his delivery too. He may need ironing, but in my book he's cool as fuck.
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      Just a shame about the interminable Shaun f**king Keaveny adverts.


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        I only really listen to stuff semi-regularly, had a hire car for a time recently with a digital radio yay! and did find myself tuning into 6 music. I like 'Late Junction' on BBC 3, bit of Giles on Saturday afternoon if I'm in the mood and I can get Resonance FM through my smart TV box thingy for the odd oddity.

        I refuse to listen to Stuart Maconie's freakzone where he praises music in another life he took the mickey of for years when he worked as a journo.

        There's been a couple of local stations started up a few years back and what do they do just play the same old chart shite as every other station but with local lost dog news in between.
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          I listen to this online station a lot

          good quality specialist shows


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            "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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              The Garden Facebook Blog


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                I hear there's a good show at 8am every Saturday on Back2BackFM.

                Available on fm in London and online via their website, iTunes/ apps and all that jazz...