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  • Moving advice (in Japan)

    I'm going to be moving soon and if anyone has any recent tips (I've read the threads from 2009, 2011 and 2014)

    Are custom cardboard boxes the best?

    What about plastic padded boxes? Are they better?

    And as I live in Japan, any advice about Pickfords boxes won't be very useful. I'm aware that there are not very many members living in Japan, however any advice is welcome.

    I'm not planning on moving again before I die, unless the Japanese earthquake gods have other ideas.

    I'll be wrapping my Roger Whitaker rare LPs in cotton wool and transporting them in an ambulance but that service is a little expensive for the other 900 LPs I have.

    Thanks for reading, and as I say, any advice is welcome.
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    Is it strictly cardboard boxes?

    I use these really useful storage boxes

    They store approx 100 records, they're pretty sturdy and if I were ever to move I would use these, I was browsing and saw some similar products from this Shinwa range

    Maybe not this exact one but it seems they have boxes of varying dimensions, I can't read a word of Japanese so apologies if these are completely useless.

    Personally I would never transport my records in a cardboard box unless it was heavily reinforced, if I could afford them I would use wooden crates.


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      Thanks for the reply. The dimensions on any of those boxes are not quite right for LPs and I want to make sure they can't move about inside. Amazon JP is woefully inadequate in that area. I'll have to do some more searching.
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        well you can use folded carboard and put it around the sides of the records so they dont move.


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          I really want to keep faffing around to the minimum, and protecting my rekkids to the maximum.
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            In case anyone in Japan reads this, I decided to go with boxes from Disk Union. 10 LP sized holding 60 each, for a bit over 2000 yen. They also do boxes that hold 100 EPs. I wanted a box for my 10 inch rekkids as well, but unlike the EP box, they only sell them in packs of 10 ... I get the impression that they're reselling another company's products, but I get good service from Disk Union, so that's fine with me.
            "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."