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  • Sun's out....

    Up here in my penthouse,holiday weekend, car boots bak on this week, sun is blazin , high as a kite , life is great!!...the tunes doin it 4 me today (amongst others) are...Cheryl hunter do me right(budweiser 7")i'm gonna start a revival for this tune..this was anthem bak in 87 or 88 for all you new jack american modern soul heads, only the Budweiser version tho kills it.believe!!, Benny Gordon & the soul brothers.a kiss to build a dream on(rca lp)...Albert King.king of kings(stax lp)...whats floatin your boat...peace
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    nancy butts

    add on to above...Nancy Butts Too Many Yesterdays...jar-val 7" produced by Hamp Swain & Jackie Avery....why isn't this acknowledged as a classic???? any info please


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      I recently bought a few 45 of some guy on ebay

      yan tregger - hypnosereealle
      mystic moods - cosmic sea
      ronrico - telemusic 45 thing (not any good though unfortunetly)

      the guy i bought em off kindly stuck in a couple more 45's for free

      one of which was

      a Bobby boyd 45 with a lovely B-side "there it is". Been playing this song alot recently compliments the sunny weather weve been having.

      A side sun is shining not much cop though